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Scale-up your Business after COVID-19 Impact with these 5 Easy Tips

Updated: May 14

As we all know, the great Pandemic 2020 has impacted businesses in every Sector in a way or other. It has broken every country whether you belong from a strong economy or a poor one.

With people being restricted at home, it has increased the non-availability of resources, degraded sales flow, limited finance etc. All the businesses have suffered a lot due to COVID-19, and the working situations are not good enough to hold more. So there is an urgent need to improve it.

Let’ us give you few useful tips that can guide your business to boosting sales during and after COVID-19 impact.

1. RE-THINK ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT/ SERVICE OFFERINGS – Is what you are offering to your customer is a right offering during this point of time? Think about it!

COVID-19 has completely changed the manner in which people used to business. It has even completely changed few product/ service offerings. Few businesses like food business, travel agency etc. are less in demand. Therefore, it is now very important to think and re-think whether your present business will be going to work around and after this Pandemic or not?

To figure this out ask below questions to yourself;

  • Is the product/ service I sell still relevant or will be in demand for next 3 years?

  • If the answer to Question A is yes, ask if there is anything you required to change in your business process to increase your sales?

  • If the answer to Question A is no, think if it is required for you to change the complete business line?

  • As per the current time, if it is important for your business to go online? If yes, how can you take your business online?

2. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS – Do this time demand an extra communication with your client? Let's see!

COVID-19 has caused a lot of disturbances in the life of every individual existing in this planet, be it physically or mentally. Because of this people have lost touch with their normal lives, therefore, it is very important for every business to keep a constant touch with their existing and new customers regularly.

Research has shown many interesting changes in customer behaviour during COVID-19. According to one report, Customers find it reassuring to hear from the brands that they know and trust during this time.

Customer sentiments have completely changed, and it is important for all the businesses to keep a regular touch with their customer base so that they can build a trust.

3. START PLANNING A NEW APPROACH TOWARDS YOUR BUSINESS – Is your current business practices too old for this pandemic? Evaluate!?

With the world going digital in every step, it is important to think if your business need a new way of working? Whether the answer to this question is yes or no, this is the right time to start planning how you will be recovering from the ongoing pandemic problems and going back to normal adopting new ways of working.

To start your planning, ask yourself the following questions –

  • To what extent this pandemic has impacted your business?

  • What are the damages you have faced? Whether it is loss of sales/ clients, resources etc.?

  • Should you change your business’ working model?

  • Can your business opt for a remote working model?

  • How can you improve remote employee productivity?

  • Do you need to reposition your brand in the market?

  • How can you re-launch the postponed projects and campaigns with a new approach?

  • Is there a need for emergency funding and debt-relief grants?

4. RE-THINK YOUR SALES STRATEGIES – Whether o not the sales going down, is this the right time to check the right approach towards selling your product? Let's figure out!

Your business will not be ‘as usual’ anymore any time sooner. COVID-19 has defined many 'new normals’ such as face-to-face meetings, remote workings, online sales order and payments etc. For any business that relies on direct sales to drive revenue, it is time to systematically update your sales plans for this new pandemic world. Re-think on the points below;

  • Are your previous sales strategies still working?

  • Whether it is required to change your sales pattern now?

  • Are you able to generate sufficient revenue as your business used to do before?

  • Should you adopt for online mode to sell your product/ service?

5. TRY NEW MARKETING STRATEGIES – No questions to be raised. It is a demand of time!!

It is undeniable that the pandemic has increased the trend of making an online presence of any business compulsory, be it through a website, facebook, e-commerce platforms etc. It is important to make a good online presence for your business.

If your business already has a good online presence, try to send a positive message through your website, online platforms, ad campaigns etc. Try to improve the SEO and Google presence about your offerings.

Facing the troubles caused by COVID-19, it continues to be a challenge, but it can provide unexpected opportunities to drive a better sale with prospects and customers. With some thoughtful modifications, planning and some imagination, your sales strategy and business process can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

Let’s take this obstruction as a new opportunity for re-building your business!

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We wish you luck for your business. Happy Reading!


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