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5 key trends in the food startup business

The food and beverage industry has always been characterised by volatility and change. Though trends come and go, the key has always been about staying firm with a core premise, which allows startups to innovate mindfully. However, the COVID-19 pandemic threw not just the food and beverage industry but the entire world into hitherto unseen chaos. Businesses collapsed, people lost jobs, and economies went into recession.

While things seem to be slowly limping back to some form of normalcy, the key now for any industry will be to adapt to the new normal. Here are a few key trends that could define the food and beverage startup space over the next year: Innovation in healthy and nutritious food products.

The startups mushrooming in this space seem to focus on being aggregators for different categories of food. While there are various food aggregators, not much innovation has been happening in food creation. Many traditional food companies are focused on producing food on a mass scale and without being equally conscious of health and nutritional concerns.

There is a huge opportunity here for startups to look at healthy and fresh food products. The pandemic brought health and immunity into sharp focus, and this could be one of the critical aspects that determine the innovation in the food startup space. There is innovation possible at every level, from finding meat alternatives, reducing fatty food, to how the food products are manufactured and packaged.

Consumers are increasingly looking at healthier lifestyle choices and switching to foods that enable a more nutritious lifestyle. After all, never has the mantra of 'health is wealth' been more important than now!

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