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Efficiency and emotion key to good customer experience: Havas Study

Efficiency and emotion are the two most important factors when it comes to good customer experience (CX), a new Havas study, the X Index, stated. The study is based on consumer attitudes towards CX as a practice by brands. The X Index surveyed 28,000 consumers across five markets – China, France, India, UK and US – found that of the 40 criteria analysed, two factors- ‘the customer journey was simple’ and ‘the customer journey was pleasant’ scored the highest – even above other factors including brand loyalty, customer service and price.

In total, 250 brands – including both ‘Bricks & Clicks’ brands (bricks-and-mortar retailers that have implemented digital transformation programmes) and Pure Players (digital natives, online-only) – were rated across each criterion, according to consumers’ perception of their importance to the overall customer experience.

For Bricks & Clicks brands, relevant and responsible communication alongside the pleasantness of the experience ranked as the most important factor. For Pure Players, quality of their customer service was the single most important factor. While pleasantness of experience did emerge as a discerning factor for Pure Players, it was less pronounced than it was for ‘Bricks & Clicks’ brands. The study highlights that in India, the customer-brand relation factor is the main driver of CX efficiency, with a conjunctural impact of Covid.

While the importance consumers place on efficiency and emotion stands out, effective CX is driven by a unique combination of certain factors in each market. Havas CX identified four key overarching principles of best-in-class customer experience in 2021 — create personalised experiences, deliver a seamless omnichannel experience, be responsible and caring as well as create simple emotional connect to delight.

The Havas X Index is a proprietary tool designed to serve as a global barometer for assessing customer experience, Neeraj Bassi, chief strategy officer, Havas Group India, said. “This information is going to be particularly useful for the CMOs and CEOs who are looking at revamping their CX offering post the pandemic. The focus of our report is to align all stakeholders on the importance of CX in building a differentiator for the brand,” he added.

“Each brand will have to curate a buying journey which is meaningful, unique and relatable for the consumer to win loyalty. The lack of in-store experience has forced the Bricks & Clicks brands to look towards technology innovations to personalise the buying experience for the customer, contrary to treating each interaction as a transaction. Through our proprietary HAVAS CX barometer, we aim to uncover the drivers that brands need to keep in mind in order to deliver a delightful customer experience and better adapt to these changing scenarios,” Prashant Tekwani, executive vice president and business head, Havas CX India, added.

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Author: Financial Express

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