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Healthtech startups creating doctor-focused solutions

As the spotlight continues on digitising medical records, India's healthtech startups are turning their attention to providing voice-based solutions to Indian doctors and healthcare providers.

Augnito, which works with over 4,000 doctors and hospital chains like Apollo and Max Healthcare has created a cloud-based speech-to-text software that guarantees error-free documentation by converting human voice to written text in real-time. It runs on an artificial intelligence (AI) engine which has been trained in medical vocabulary in order to ensure error-free transcribing of voice notes.

“On an average, we have added two extra hours per day for any doctor who’s using Augnito, which can translate to much better financial returns for the sector. In a country where we have less than one doctor (0.7) for every 1000 people, you can imagine how that saved time translates to better patient care and servicing more patients,” said Rustom Lawyer, Co-founder & CEO, Augnito. “This is also a tool that improves accuracy of documentation, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.”

Electronic medical records are an important area when it comes to digitising the healthcare provider network. It’s not surprising then that companies that want to create non-consumer facing health tech solutions are focusing on this space.

In the early wave, startups that had taken up digitising of medical records, were more focused on the international market. But now, with digitisation picking up pace in the country, these startups are focusing on solutions for Indian doctors and healthcare providers.

“Creating a product for doctors means that you have a much smaller target market size (1,000 times lesser) than consumer-focused health tech applications. It is more difficult to test out concepts because doctors have less appetite for exploring new applications and are generally less willing to experiment with new products, because healthcare by its very nature requires extreme precision,” said Lawyer.

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