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Licences Required For Manufacturing of Home Care Products (Sanitizer, Phenyl etc)

Updated: May 18

The India home healthcare market size was valued at 38000+ Crore in 2019 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.2% from 2020 to 2027.

There are a variety of home care products available in the market and can be categorized as below for approval/ licences to be obtained under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act, 1940 -

1. Products which do not require Drug Manufacturing Licenses - Floor Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Tile Cleaner, Dish Wash, Cleaning Shampoo

2. Products which require Drug Manufacturing Licenses- Dis-Infectant, Black & White Phenyl, Toilet Cleaner for Killing Germs, Floor Cleaner for Cleaning Germs, Sanitizer

3. Cosmetic Manufacturing Licences - Handwash

List of Licenses:

1. Factory Licence for manufacturing set up in notified industrial area for manufacturing of products which requires licenses (charges will differ as per the capacity of the factory)

2. Clearance/ NOC (Fire) (charges will differ state wise)

3. Clearance/ NOC (Pollution) (charges will differ state wise)

4. Clearance/ NOC (Municipal Corporation) (charges will differ state wise)

5. Drug Manufacturing Licence (Form 25)

6. Drug Manufacturing Licence (Hand Sanitizer) (Form 24)

7. Cosmetics Manufacturing Licence (Form 32/25D)

8. GST Registration

List of Documents Required for obtaining licenses:

1. Owners Aadhar Card

2. Registry/ Rent Agreement of the Premise

3. NOCs

4. Documents of the Technical Staff & Site Manager

5. Water Test Report

6. Agreement with Testing Lab

7. Layout of the site

8. List of Products to be manufactured

Steps for registration and issuance of licenses:

1. Initial analysis to discuss the format & eligibility for the licenses.

2. Document drafting for application filing.

3. Drafting application for licenses.

4. Online Application filing process.

5. Payment of government fees.

6. Verification by the appropriate authority.

7. Issuance of the licences.

Validity of Licenses: Any licence or loan licence issued shall remain valid for the period of 5 years from the date of its issue, unless, it is suspended or cancelled by the State Licensing Authority.

Duration of issuance of Licence: The filing of the application process will take 12-15 days and licence will take approx. 6 months for final approval.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any doubts or need clarifications or need assistance in acquiring for these licenses.

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