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License & Approvals required For starting a Cloud Kitchen in India

Updated: Jun 8

With the strong impact of the pandemic on Restaurant & Hotel Industry, the concept of a Cloud Kitchen has emerged as a beneficial setup with low investment and maximum profits. A cloud kitchen is essentially a restaurant kitchen that only accepts incoming orders via online ordering systems, and provides no dining facilities. They have a base kitchen that delivers food to customers‘ doorstep.

Cloud kitchens may have their online ordering website and online ordering app or accept orders through various food delivery platforms. Since the primary source of revenue for these internet restaurants is through various food ordering platforms such as Swiggy, FoodPanda, Zomato, etc., it is important to have a check-in system that keeps track of the deliveries and the volume the company generates from different platforms. This will save you the trouble of adding and measuring orders from various ordering systems at the end of each day.

If you are planning to set up a cloud kitchen in any part of India, following licenses and approvals are required:

  1. FSSAI Food Safety And Standards Authority License (Mandatory)

  2. GST Registration (Mandatory)

  3. Health/ Trade Licence (Mandatory)

  4. Fire and Safety License

  5. Shop And Establishment Act

  6. Other Licences depending on the business structure: Pollution certificate, Certificate of Environmental Clearance (CEC), PFA Act Clearance Certificate, Night Operations License, etc.

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